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1. RBT Service Overview

The RBT service enables subscribers to customize music or greetings according to personal preference for the calling subscriber.

RBTs make calls more enjoyable.

Different RBTs bring different good feelings to calling parties and reflect your unique taste and character, which adds fun to ordinary calls.

1.1 Service Usage

You can set unique RBTs for different calling numbers.

You can also create calling groups and then set different RBTs for them. (You can set up to 20 calling groups.)

If you do not set any personal RBT for calling numbers, all the calling parties will hear the same RBT.

1.2 RBT Customization and Change

Customizing or changing RBTs through IVR

You can call 12530 to download and set RBTs. The setting and change of RBTs take effect immediately.

Customizing or changing RBTs through website

On the RBT website, you can download and set RBTs, create calling group, set RBTs for the calling groups, and so on. There are abundant frequently-updated RBTs on the website for you to choose.

1.3 Service Charge

To use the RBT service, you need to pay only 5 dollars every month and the RBT message fee.

Monthly rental of the RBT service

After you subscribe to the RBT service, the system charges you the rental for the current month. From the next month, the system charges you 5 dollars every month as the monthly rental.

RBT message fee

When you download RBTs, you need to pay the RBT message fee. Please pay attention to the relevant prompt when downloading RBTs. The downloaded RBTs are added to the personal tone library. The system does not charge you when you set the downloaded RBTs.